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Frequently asked questions

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Here's a list of question most commonly asked by our clients:

What does "<14 days to Proof-of-Value" mean?

We are using "Days to POV" as our internal metric to track team coherence, so we know what we offer. We would help you finding the lean version of your solution to test the hypothesis and prove that it is worth development.

How do you ensure an average return of over $100,000 from ML projects?

We work together with our clients to align ML/AI solutions with actual gains in business. If those are too small to make the development cost-efficient, we would be sincere even if it means to loose the potential client for us.

What kind of support and guidance can we expect in implementing AI solutions?

We provide full support and guidance in implementing AI solutions. The full list of services describes it really well. We are also open to share our knowledge and experience with your team to help them grow.

Are your solutions customizable to specific industry needs and challenges?

Absolutely! We have diverse experience that allows us to predict potential bottlenecks during development of custom solutions. By investing in us you get a predictable development cycle and succesful outcome.

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